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Buildings Demolished

Buildings B, B4, C and D have been completely demolished. The liner has been placed over the former Building D location and demolition continues towards the south end of Building C. The demolition crews have removed about half of Building E and are continuing demolition this week. Building A will be the final building removed. For more photos on demolition, see NTCRA Progress.

3JUN16 Aerial

Building Demolition Continues

Building demolition continues onsite with Building D demo nearly complete. The crew will be approaching Building C demo this week and the liner/cover crew will be mobilizing next week. April progress can be viewed on this slideshow.

Phase 3 Demolition Resumes Today

NMI demo starts 4 19 16

Phase 3 Demolition began today, 19APR16, at the north end of Building D around 11:30 am. Work will continue with the excavator and grapple and move on to Buildings C and A.

NMI demo continues 4 19 16

Community Involvement  Recent Documents

EPA Issues Fact Sheet on NMI Activities Update

In light of building demolition resuming on 19APR16, EPA issued a fact sheet to update on the status of activities on site and the various winter activities performed for the test of the Assabet 1A and 2A production wells to define the “capture zone,” which will assist in determining an effective location to install and test a pumping well.

CREW and 2229 Main Street met with Agencies on site on 17 March 2015

Public groups and de maximis met with the Agencies on 17 MAR 2015 on site to discuss the NTCRA status and schedule for building demolition as well as the planning for the remedy for 1, 4-dioxane in groundwater. The 2229 Main Street Committee provided an update to the Town’s approach to potentially taking the Site.

Last updated on June 20, 2016